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New Author

Hey guys im a new author Gravy06!!!

im on some of the posts like the room swfs and now i got my wordpress back i can help josh with the website thanks guys.


Christmas Party!

Sorry I forgot to post about the newspaper yesterday I didn’t realize it was already Thursday :o. Heres the Christmas party cheats! 😀 The free item is at the ski village and its the same thing… the santa hat

Also go to the town and click on the sign for santas sleigh

Then go up to the door that says santa sled to play the game

Once you deliver 15 presents then you get the free santa suit 😀

Also the new pin is at the lodge attic

Thats all! Also, the Christmas igloo contest is going on and I’m not entering it but my sister is, heres a picture of her igloo

She would be in it but she got banned for misspelling a word and then it was a swear word ;[ Shes adding for stuff once she gets unbanned ;D. Are you entering the igloo contest? The prize is 25,000 coins if you win and 15,000 if you’re a runner-up.

-Jt 010


Hey everyone, Gravy06 is one of my friends and he is gonna help out on my site, his wordpress account doesn’t work well so he is just gonna give pictures to help us out (: club penguin isn’t loading for me so I can’t take a picture with the both of us at the moment ): but once I get club penguin to open I’ll add some pictures of his penguin ;D

-Jt 010

Better Igloos Cheats

The new Better Igloo Catalog came out today on Club Penguin and heres the cheats for it! 😀
First page click on the Bird for the Nutcracker

Second page click on the ribbon on the wreath for the small Christmas tree.

And click on the christmas tree star for christmas lights

On the third page click on the bottom right leg of the coffee table for the wood stove

Click on theright snow tower in the title for the fireplace and the middle point in the snow fortress wall for the icicles

On the fourth page click on one of the bricks in the Iron Gate and click on the window in the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out

On the fifth page click on the first jack-o-lantern for the LCD Television and click on the Tombstone for the Goofy Jack-o-lantern

Okay, well thats all! How many of you celebrate Christmas?
I know I do ;D
-Jt 010

Coins for Change!!!

Yay, the coins for change stands are finally on club penguin. They have stands at the beach, ski village, plaza, town, in the captains quarters, and you can buy it for in your igloo if your a member :O. You can donate for Kids who are poor, Kids who are sick, and Environmental causes… I chose kids who are poor.

Then choose the amount you want to donate… 50, 250, or 500. Of course I donated 500 :O

And once coins for change is gone they will donate all the money we donated to different charities! 😀 Which cause have you donated the most money too? For me its even I’ve donated 500 to each so far. I’m still trying to donate 10,000 coins :O
-Jt 010

Newspaper issue #217

The new newspaper came out today! 😀

heres the upcoming events

Rockhopper comes on December 11th which is tomorrow! 😀
The better igloos catalog also comes out tomorrow as well as the igloo upgrades catalog.
Fireworks for new years start on January 1st
And last but not least coins for change comes out Friday, December 11th! 😀 I can’t I’m gonna try to donate 10,000 coins! :O How many coins do you plan to donate to Coins for Change which helps charities around the world?

-Jt 010